We are extremely excited at Cocoa Half to be helping a couple of wonderful programs with this event. We believe in helping the unseen heroes in our world that inspire us, not only for what they do, but for their selfless service not in the spotlight. As women, we have a great capacity to support one another and teach the world how to love. These two charities are right there with them.

YAY Cocoa Half Participants!! We are excited that you helped us get a special needs tandem for one family, and we will hopefully be purchasing another one in the weeks to come. As well as help Journey of Hope below get a handheld fetal heart doppler.

Ironman for Kids Foundation who is helping sponsor this event, has a wonderful program called “Spin to Joy” that helps families with special needs children to get out and be able to exercise together. Many moms are home with their special needs child, caring for them and their family, and find it difficult to get out and get exercise themselves. Their joy and selfless care for their child in the midst of the struggles is inspirational.

See the video below:

Spin to Joy currently has a waiting list of 15 families.

CLICK HERE for more inspiring videos.

Also, Cocoa Half is partnering to help a full Perinatal Bereavement service for San Antonio       get off the ground. Peggy Humm pictured here, has years of experience and a truly amazing heart. Here’s a bit about the program, Viaje de Esperanza: Journey of Hope

Mission Statement: Each pregnancy is unique, providing the opportunity for spiritual growth for all family members.  When a family receives news of a lethal condition during pregnancy, this program provides partnership for the Journey of Hope until natural resolution.  During the difficult weeks between diagnosis and delivery: we listen to family ideas, hopes, and sorrows.  We partner with medical providers and healthcare organizations who share this mission, to support families beyond the delivery and through the first year after loss.

Types of problems for family support:  Lethal prenatal diagnosis including, but not exclusively: Anencephaly (brain is not formed), Chromosomal problems, Spinal problems, Heart, lung and kidney problems, Major congenital syndromes with a lethal prognosis

Services provided:  Confidential and personal prenatal monitoring- growth measurement, heartbeats, common discomforts, personal pregnancy guidance, grief counseling,

  • Delivery planning:  private and personal prenatal education, pre-delivery conference at delivery facility, ongoing communication with OB provider, written wish-list of family preferences at time of delivery and recovery
  • Grief planning and anticipatory guidance:  Building memories during pregnancy, making keepsakes, including siblings, including grandparents, working with parish or spiritual family to plan Baptism, planning for funeral and continuing through first year after delivery
  • Community outreach: Adding Perinatal Bereavement to Undergraduate nursing programs at UT Health Science Center School of Nursing, Working with healthcare agencies, Speaking to large or small groups about Perinatal Palliative Care.
  • Current needs:  Hand-held fetal heart Doppler, gas gift cards for family travel, Tech support for web design, volunteers to train as grief-duelas, communication support, project support (arts and crafts for memory items), sponsor for grant-writing guidance
  • Both of these programs would welcome your donations.  Maybe you know someone that can’t join us physically at the race, but would like to help the cause. All money that is donated here goes directly to the foundation to help fund special needs bikes or pay for one of the many needs of the Journey of Hope Program that Ironman for Kids helps support.  CLICK HERE to donate today!