Training Tuesday!

Well, howdy, and welcome to the start of our series called “Training Tuesdays” Whoohooo!! Yep, every Tuesday, we’ll be sharing a little nugget of training bliss with you all. Maybe you’re new to the whole half marathon thing, maybe you’re a seasoned runner and need to tweak your stride.  Maybe you just want to get healthier and feel better to run after those durn fast kids of yours cause it’s starting to get harder to catch them 😉 Well, we’ll be here for you… encouraging you and strengthening these awesome machines we’ve been given.  So, today we share a video from Chris Aarhus, a tremendously talented triathlete, Ironman, trainer, and most important to us anyway, fabulous husband and dad of three.  He’s great at explaining the basics. We think you’ll agree, and hope you enjoy our first little video he recorded for us on how to do a squat properly. Never liked these things, but realized how much they go a long way to helping so many areas, especially strengthening those leg muscles to help protect the ever important knee joints. Happy squatting everyone. And if you’re so inclined send us your shots of your squats on our Facebook page.  We can all use the encouragement. And by all means, if you have a question for Chris, or something you want to see addressed on here, comment away, or contact us with your questions and we’ll get them answered for you.

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