Sunday Schooled

The new year is upon us!  Well, at least new in the sense of academic journeys for my wonderful kids.  And I have to say quite honestly that I am exhausted!  So here’s a shout out to all the women out there who are getting your kiddos ready for school and tending to all those details that help your little ones (or not-so-little ones) get ready for new adventures!

My kids suddenly seem so grown up!  I have a 5th grader, 6th grader and 10th grader starting school tomorrow (Monday!) and a college freshman and sophomore beginning their classes in a week. What has suddenly made this journey so much more emotional and taxing is knowing I will drive my second son up to Notre Dame this week and then drive away without him.  Gads, even writing that down makes me weepy!  And there is still so much of the mundane things to do tonight…like wash that other load of uniform pants and find out where the freezer packs for the lunches are hiding in the freezer.  I know…I know…I should have just bought a few new ones but I’ll be darned if escaped freezer packs are going to tell me how to run my life!

Funny, how I get caught up in such trivial items in my day.  I know whether you homeschool or send the kiddos off to school, the strains and concerns and daily work is so real. It is hard not to get caught up in the worry and the work and efficiency of each day…and count our worth in how much we got done and how well we stack up against our friends in the daily Facebook accountings of blissful, amazing happenings! My kids are wonderful and they are incredible blessings but life is messy, chaotic and unpredictable.  I am deeply aware of how I have to rely on my faith and encouraging words of family and friends in the midst of all this.

One of the great blessing of this week has been having the meals from My Fit Foods.  During a hectic week like this one, it has been so helpful (and calming, I must say!) to just go to my fridge and find the lunch or dinner I am scheduled to eat and enjoy it after only a couple of minutes of heating it up.  I do like the variety…quite fun!  Last night I had Pear Salmon and tonight had the delicious Ninja Tenderloin.  And it has helped me immensely to not feel hungry!  I mean…let’s be real…at this point in my stressed and emotional state, I would normally be halfway through a bag of M&Ms.  But I have truly felt so satisfied and content.  The snacks (twice a day) are really helping to keep my hunger at bay and I’ve noticed helped me to eat my meals slower.  Even let my husband taste a couple of my meals because he thought they looked so good…and he was very impressed.  Truly helps to look forward to the next snack or meal and know that I will be happy even while I am being “challenged”.

I know this 21 Day Challenge does challenge me in body and mind.  I am glad to have that making me healthy and energetic while my spirit and emotions are challenged overtime by the 5 boys in my life.   I feel like I am going to school as well in a way.  Learning again what I need to keep my body healthy and my mind sharp.  Deciding to move and exercise even when I feel like sitting and vegging.  I found myself encouraging my youngest son to embrace the new school year and see it as a great  challenge to become smarter and stronger.  Could have been giving a pep talk to myself!  Here’s to learning more, moving to get fit, and eating to have the healthiest body possible.  We’re gonna get it done!

Hoping the new week brings great blessings!


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