I’m in love!

How can something so simple…and yes, so low in calories and so full of goodness…be so yummy??  I have fallen in love with the wonderful lunch from My Fit Foods.  One that I had just a couple of days was called the Mediterranean Shrimp Salad.  You can see the picture of my lovely salad here and you can see why I was loving my lunch time!  The salad has the wonderful elements of fresh greens, shrimp, cucumbers, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, feta cheese and I had chosen the Asian citrus vinegarette dressing.  So delicious and satisfying!   I have truly been inspired to look for seasoning and variety in my meals – and have been reminded that living a more fit life doesn’t need to be boring and drab-tasting.  So glad to find that hope in my journey!

And ladies.. My Fit Foods is doing something amazing for you and your friends in September!   Grab a friend and complete a 21 day challenge and you both will receive a $50 gift card. Get another friend or two involved and you each get a $75 gift card!  Great to do the journey with friends…and be able to support and encourage each other!

Another great bonus from My Fit Foods is Pay Fit Forward Fridays – every Friday in September – bring a friend into My Fit Foods, buy a meal for yourself and your friend gets a free meal.  And yes, you can get one of those yummy shrimp salads for yourself…and a friend.   Just leave one for me!
Check out all the September goodness at My Fit Foods here !


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