Faithful Friday

Hello there blog world!

Well,  I started to ponder the title for todays blog and Faithful Friday is what I got for a couple of reasons.  There is either a little bug attaching me, or I am really getting my system accustomed to eating healthy and my body just doesn’t like me very much right now for stopping it’s joy of eating all that sugar, processed food, etc(oh man what I wouldn’t give for a warm chocolate chip cookie, or some M&M’s!!) Not saying it’s wrong to have the occasional cookie or dessert,  but I needed to purge first and stop my addiction and then enjoy those things I love so much in moderation…yeah me and moderation don’t mix when it comes to sweets. I’m a baker and love me a good candy with chocolate, and caramel, and……aaagh, I digress 😉

Anyway, as I started on this 21 day journey to better habits and eating healthier,  I knew it wouldn’t be easy,  and being faithful would come into play.  I absolutely love the word faithful by the way.  Loyal, constant, steadfast…all fabulous words to describe faithful.  So yep,  I am determined to be steadfast in being healthy.  I find too, this helps me to be faithful in other areas that are extremely important to me as well. Especially in being faithful to my faith life which really is the only thing sustaining me thru any type of challenge,  and faithful to the many tasks we as women, moms, spouses, co-workers, confidants, friends, etc. are presented with on a daily basis,  even if we totally have no desire or stamina to perform them.  So the great thing about having food ready to go and proportioned just right for me is huge.  And it makes it so much easier to be faithful as well.  Don’t get me wrong,  I LOVE cooking,  but when you are tired or emotionally drained,  or just want to make something you know the kids will eat,  even if it isn’t the best…well, you’ll cook anything to get it done,  and that’s where it is nice to have the My Fit Foods portioned meal ready to go for me.  The temptation is way less.  I am also learning about portion control as well.  So,  when I am off the 21 day challenge I will remember my portions from my meals and implement that into continual healthy eating.  Yep, my mind and body really want some processed junk.  I am also painfully seeing how much I emotionally eat when I am stressed, worried, or just having a bad day.  Food makes it all better temporarily.  Sugar high makes me happy,  but then it’s not lasting.  My happiness and health are rooted in much deeper and greater things. We have been blessed with an incredible woman machine.  God’s design for us is so perfect, gosh, I know I want to treasure what He created, and for me part of that is really getting serious and feeding it properly with the exercise.   I am excited to treat myself right and keep plugging along.  The exercise portion has slowed a bit because of the yucky physical feeling right now,  but am hopeful I will be back jogging or at the gym this weekend!  Here’s to good heath, and being faithful!

the sugar made me do it,



Kay and I got to enjoy these yummy lunches from the challenge a couple of days ago   while working at planning more fun things for Cocoa Half 🙂 Kay had the chicken and spinach enchiladas, and I had the salmon cake. Delicious!



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