Back with Purpose!

Heh there Cocoa World!!  We’re back and with a bang!  Figured what better way to start our blog back up again than doing a challenge.  So it starts.  Today, two of the Purpose. Race Events staff (Janelle and Kay) began a journey.  We have officially wiped the dust from our running shoes and piled the good eats in our fridge!  What does that mean, you say?  Well, for us, it means hopefully the start of something wonderful and fruitful as we strive to become more fit and healthy. And let us be the first to admit, that it is not going to be easy!

We sisters in health and fitness need to stick together!  And we mean that literally…since we are really sisters (yes, Kay is older and wiser….just getting that out there!)  And as sisters we have always tried to encourage and help one another.  The fun part of working together is meeting amazing women who are facing down incredibly obstacles with great perseverance and great faith.  We love what we do and actually you all live the joy of the journey so well we have decided to join in!  Why should you all have all the fun?!   Of course we have tons of fun serving all of you at the event, but always secretly thought it would be fun to join you out on the road,  until we think about the work involved 🙂

But we decided to do it and we are officially training to run (run/jog/walk!) the Cocoa Women’s Half Marathon on January 17, 2016th!  We are deeply committed and getting our bodies and minds ready for the challenge.  And we have discovered some great ways to get it done!  First being changing our eating habits…sigh…

Yesterday, we visited My Fit Foods here in San Antonio and officially started their 21 Day Challenge!  They are a new sponsor for our Spa Girl Tri series. We will be enjoying the MFF fresh, flavorful meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And don’t forget the snacks…oh yes, those are part of the challenge as well.  So we will be forging ahead during these 21 days of healthy eating – and enjoying fresh, all natural meals from MFF. Check out our little video below!   We met David, our nutrition coach, and sat down to discuss everything from our current fitness levels, health, nutrition needs and our daily schedules.  We registered our current weight (I did not want to weigh in, but ladies, I realized it is all about keeping it real and knowing where we start and where we want to end up!), measured our body fat and talked about our personal goals.  After all that, David prepared our personal meal schedules and we walked out with 3 days of food and lots of inspiration for our new beginning!

So, we will be sharing the journey with you as we eat healthy, train for Cocoa, and endure all the fun of daily life!  Oh,  and they’ll be lots of fun trying to fit in our training, and not be tempted to eat a bowlful of chocolate cookie dough!  See you on the road or in the gym…and if you see these crazy ladies out there,  we won’t be adverse to a little fist bump, or a “way to go” smile from ya.

yours in training,


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