And thus it begins……

Hello Cocoa Half blog world!
We are excited to get this blog going on our end. What will we be talking about? Well, everything chocolate of course!! Okay, and maybe a few things like celebrating women, health, recipes, training tips, inspiring stories, fun facts, and reminders when we have our weekly give-aways over on Facebook.(speaking of, there’s one going on today) Just like our 5K title, and what has become kind of a mantra for us here at Cocoa Half, we realize we all have a Wild Woman in us, and that’s a good thing. A women that is passionate and takes on the challenges of this world with purpose and fortitude. So join us in our little blog world, cause occasionally we’ll be asking you what makes you a wild woman. You can check out a few of the responses from an earlier post on our Facebook page.
Of course, we’ll also be sharing more about the people behind the awesome charities that we will be helping with this here fabulous race event. I don’t know about you, but I like to meet the people I help; their families, hearts, passions, struggles, strengths, etc. and get to know them on a more personal level. There are just too many incredible people in this world that we gotta share them with you. We are confident as you get to know them as we do, you will be excited that you not only are doing a run that will be extremely fun, but one that will also help some really great people. Thanks for reading folks! Until next time,
Cocoa out!

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